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From Photoshop to Painting
- Photoshop tips

From photoshop to Painting, why is Photoshop great while painting is even better? I used to work with up to 70 layers in Photoshop. The layers where often textures in different blendings to make certain effects, like old paper or rust. Changing different layers on the bottom could make great effects and give new ideas to work on.

Learn Creating
Old Paper Effect in Photoshop

Using photoshop and textures made it possible to create the following effect out of photos. I would take an image of a mountain wall to create the old, painted effect.

Learn to create this effect

Photoshop text tutorial
-How I did The Colorful Backgrounds


I thought I couldnīt do something just out of a plain paper. In the computer I could always regret different moves sometimes I could save up to 30 different variations on a image. All these canīt be made while painting, still, painting is now the ultimate way to make images for me. Painting makes amazing textures almost by itself, to take in the smell and feel the shapes of the painting is great, itīs much more real. This is what I tried to accomplish on the computer. The colors are so intense and when the painting has dried itīs ready to be put up on the wall! ...Compared to collecting dust in some computer folder. There are so many new materials to try, itīs great.