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Get Painting Ideas,
-Start A Flow!

Get Painting Ideas - Start with a pen, or a colourpen. Just make some lines without thinking! Do that now... This is to help you drop all opinions and prejudices. ... Great! Like Iīve said before, painting is an inside job.


Believing in yourself
How did you feel while you drew lines? Where you hesitating or doubting what you where going to do? Did you get any doubting thoughts? Accept those thoughts and feelings. Usually we want to run away from bad feelings. When I started this I remembered alot of frustration about setting goals. I remembered times when I didnīt reach my goals. With the help if TFT, which is like acupunture but without any needles I could really feel that frustration and release it.

TFT - Simple tapping with your hands frees energy

I used TFT to melt these negative feelings. Take your handīs "karate"-side, and gently tap it with the other hand while feeling the hard feelings about not managing to be a artist. I think of this as a sort of acupunture without any needles.

Make more Lines

Remember to let go of the outcome before painting. Okay, make one more paper with lines, do it without thinking! Wow, great! Does it look any different? Keep doing this on some more papers while tapping in between. See any difference? Hereīs the rest off my first lines. The goal is to be so free as you can. Then you can get into the fantastic flow.


Now you should use some real paint. This was my first painting on canvas, right after I did the lines here above. It was amazing to paint on a real canvas the first time. When you start, the painting ideas come as you work.

Start now, when you have the inspiration
Start with any material you like, I use acrylic paint though. The important thing is that you do it while You are inspired. Donīt loose your painting ideas when they start coming; I was told to paint athome before 24 hours had passed after the course. Otherwise I would loose the energy. I felt the nice feeling from that place leave me when the hours passed but when I painted at home the day after it was still there.

I got canvasīs and paint with me home: alot of white to blend the other colors with (see day 1, 3 and 7 in the gallery. Most of the other ones are blended with water). I use Daler Rowney, System3 - cheap and good quality. To start I also needed a palette-knife, and paper to roll out, protecting my floor. When I paint it takes about 10 minutes, I donīt think much. I just follow my impulses and suddenly it turns something good out of it.


Step 1. Get a ordinary paper now and make something without thinking! Do it again with a colorpen. Make it and you will feel free and creative.
Step 2.
Canvases is cheap these days. The acrylic paint is easy to get rid of, but the table you paint on should be protected. Start immidiatly! You just need your hands!

Acrylic Painting on Canvas - Using Primer

Contact me and write about how it goes,
Iīd be glad to hear from you!

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