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How To Make a Gallery

This page is about how to make a gallery online, naming paintings, what equipment to use and how to set prices.

Naming the paintings

A name can make the impression deeper. For the indian tradition in the Toltec-serie I spoke with a woman who knew much about indian traditions. Much is there to explore! I use to look in a dictionary and just look at many words and catch a bunch of them that could work as a name and then choose one. You can also watch the painting and ask yourself: What do I see? I did this for "Starwars" and "Vacation". This does not always work but sometimes, you feel when you have the right name. A name does not have to be necessary, YOU deside what is OK!

The Toltec Names
When I was planning this online Gallery I realized I wanted to name my paintings but I found it hard to do that. I asked a good friend what he did and he explained the value he gave his paintings. Some of the names even had stories behind them and I heard that a kind of dept came out of it. But how would I do? I couldnīt copy his stories. On the same evening a woman called me. This woman was very intrested in native american traditions and suddenly she mentioned the 3 weeks, I imidiatly got interested, wow! I have found my own topic and besides; I got names for more than one painting, while the ideas emerged in me (and still does).

The price
This is about How To Make a Gallery, and pretty essential is the price. Itīs hard to set it for the paintings because the value I give to them is my own. People like so many different paintings of mine, and some they donīt like at all. I think we have our unique vision and I try to feel what kind of price would be appropriate according to my value of it.

Make frames in the same color, these make coherence. Search on the internet for information about making your own frames, itīs not complicated. I like the white frames as you see above.


I dress like a painter, with my bead grown, a t-shirt with paint on it. Then it shows that I spend most of my money on this, and that I need some more money to be able to paint more :)

Digital images

My gallery here on the site is taken with a Pentax Optio 6 mgpixels. I sized them down with Gimp, a free image program wich has many of the Photoshop features, itīs not as fast to work in though. I used the sparpen filter after I sized it down because that often make it abit blurry. Iīm searching now for my own digital camera wich I can also film myself while painting. I have already started with this and the Optio works good to record 10 minutes without any writing limitations. (I donīt want to handle the camera while I have paint on my fingers.

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