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Colorful Art Gallery 

Gallery 2. The first paintings I made

Acceptance Mark

The following six paintings is about an native american tradition, called the Toltecs. They say children is in direct contact with the divine 3 weeks after itīs birth. All these paintings represents different days in its life.

My goal is to find an expression that is easy to understand, no matter what your background or age is. Art that when other people see it they say: Wow, it gives me something! I have about 10 more paintings athome but here is the online gallery so far.

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Still acrylic, but blended with water

I have always said, as a computer graphics maker and photographer: "I do these things, because I canīt create something from a plain white paper".

But I could! I just believed that I had what it would take to be an artist and I started.
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I want these paintings to add something to the room they hang in. Itīs exciting because I have no idea what the next one will look like!

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