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Acrylic blended with Water 

Live Painting Videos

Live painting videos recorded in 2007. Making the "Starwars" and the "Day 23" paintings.

I easily blend the paint with warmish water. I had some water in small plastic cans, added one color per can and then played around with it.

Information and ordering the paintings at the Gallery


About the Videos

"People want to know everything about You when you find yourself". -That thought led to these Painting Videos. Why wouldnīt I share how I paint? Internet is about content and soon I had alot more material then I could put out here. I asked a friend: Will they still buy my paintings if I show how I made them? When they see how easily itīs made? But the paintings are unique, no one can make exactly the same painting. I often see styles I also want to paint. But the end result is never the same. Itīs not just randomized colors on a canvas. Itīs the result of where I am in life. I hope you start as well when you see this.


Iīve filmed the videos with a small digital Pentax S6. This serie is absolutely best in compressing videos (DivX), then the videos can be 10 minutes long and take about 600MB. Without DivX itīs impossible to film 15 minutes in a row if you have 1GB of memory on the camera.

I edit the movies in windows movie maker wich is a standard program in Windows XP and Vista. Itīs very easy to use.

Why videos?

A site with traffic, starts with alot of content! Learn more about website building here!

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