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Website Building
-How to Make Targeted Traffic

I started website building in early may 07 and now I have 600 unique visitors per month. I needed to relearn everything I knew to make this happen.

See how I did website building before.

This is how I do now: This system is actually both for newbies and skilled webmasters
Offline business is: Location, Location, Location
Online Business is: Information, Information, Information

SBI - Site Build It What is


Site Build It is a package of tools to help you build a site where you get as much traffic as possible and shows how you can use that traffic to earn a profit. You donīt even need to sell anything to earn a profit, all you need is traffic and SBI helps you with that. Donīt expect to get rich quick but your site will steady grow. Site Build It is alot of tools: domain name, webhost, video- or textguides for the tools and guides even how you make money most effectivly from your site. It is the large forum where people help eachother, the easy the block by block sitebuilder where you edit your homepage directly online without installing any additional programs. Ofcourse you can also upload your own webpages edited from your personal software. 

How did I find it?

I found it through a friend who build a site and is now earning income from it. He and his associate had an info-meeting about SBI which I attended. One of the 30 certified SBI webmasters in the world were also there to tell us about this. We were many who got interested and this is the result.

Is it hard?
SBI is not hard. Actually, if you donīt know anything about making homepages itīs even better! Then youīll have the opportunity to learn "right" from the beginning; how search engines works, how to use words and titles, what kind of pages that drives traffic,

See the I Love My SBI videos
All you need is a passion, knowledge or experience of something!

Is SBI unique?
What happened was that a doctor named Ken Evoy started this. He was from outside of the (bransch) and created a easy way for everyone to start an online business. What the highly educated webmasters new and were chinese for the rest of us he translated to newbies and even to people with experience in this area. The fact that you get everything you need to make an online business at one place makes it so easy.


You pay one amount of money for one year of use and you get every tool at once including domain name.

How to work athome

I get ideas and solutions mostly while walking in the woods every day. Then I write them on my cellphone. I work on my page pretty slowly: about 1 hour a day, thanks to that I can make whatīs important first. I find small adjustments on the things Iīve created and new ideas. The adjustments just pop up in my head during the day. The new ideas emerge all the time, thatīs also why I donīt rush it and sit all day long with the site. The most important things gets first and there is no hesitation. During this website building I really found a flow with the page because I started to be curious at myself, and a friend of mine keeps telling me: you need more text, people are interested about the facts around what youīre doing! It gives you a personal site and the engines find what my page is about. Working athome is a challenge, because the head spins much of the time and sometimes I want the ideas to stop. But to be in the creation flow is wonderful and adds much to my life.

Interested? contact me for more information