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Website Building Mistakes
-This is how I used to do

I have done a few sites before and Iīve found some Website Building Mistakes that are common today. I even did one site professional, the guy paid me a great deal for doing that site. For example I didnīt name the page under the navbar so search-engines could easy find them as well as the home-page. And if they did they wouldnīt see the navbar and the other pages wich were on the site, just the underpage.

On these pages I used to put all the energy to the design and graphics as you can see below. But what about the content? The design is a sort of content ofcourse, but the visitors didnīt get to know me, the search enginges didnīt know what my page contained since it wasnīt almost any text in it and therefore I didnīt have any visitors!


I made Dacsī corner when I was 16 in a schoolwork and it was about me: pictures of me, my music taste and the Photoshop graphics I used to make. I did it to share my interests with others, but it happen much out of it. My graphic skills are self-learned mostly. Iīve learned some parts doing tutorials online at phong.com

This one where my praphic portfolio at the age of 17. Iīm still satisfied with the looks but I would ask: were do I put the text? There are some Website Building Mistakes here, not much turned out of the page and I donīt think many found it at all.

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