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You are an Artist!

Colorful Energy Art Painting Guide

Free BackroundsWelcome to Colorful Energy Art. To become a Acrylic Painting Artist you don t need any experience at all, all you need is inspiration and the belief in yourself.
/Henrik Tidelius. Artist, Art Director, Photographer

To be an artist is an inside job
paintings for saler
There is more in our universe than just atoms. There is something inside every human being, something that can communicate with itself and to others.  We are all connected, and art is a way to experience that.

Being Present
A Great thing about Colorful Energy Art is that you should think as little as possible. Get in the right mood and do the first thing you want to do!

Art Course Online - Get in the Mood
Get Painting Ideas Start A Flow
Deluting Acrylic with Water - Videos
How To Make a Gallery
Learn Painting - Get Free Email Coaching

How you live your life will show
Energy Art is about seeing there s something bigger inside you. Media fills us with so much negativity and as children we don t know how to interpret messages sent to us. Treat yourself well and follow your intuition, your experiences and endeavors in life will show in the paintings.

You paint when you want

In contrast to photography, painting can be done anytime. Photography requires more things to work, for example the right light and alot of accipment. With painting you also have the result direclty in your hand, ready to be put up on the wall.Abstract painting

Compared to Photoshop and Photography

Other great stuff about Intiutive Painting is to see how the textures develops, to take in the aliveness and colours of the painting.  Painting is so much more real than photography and computer design. The colors are intense, only your imagination stops what materials and tools you can use. When the painting has dried it s ready to be hanged up and sold ...

Free Colorful Backrounds for you computer

Free photoshop texture tutorial

Art Course Online - You are the Artist
With Videos and Text Guides, this Art Course Online helps You be a Intuitive Acrylic Artist

Get Painting Ideas - Start A Flow!
Being artist is an inside job, get Painting Ideas by just starting with a pen, just make some lines without thinking

Live Painting Videos. See how I did these paintings
I paint abstract and intuitive, In these live painting videos I just follow my feelings

How To Make a Gallery: What I did
How To Make a Gallery. How I chose names for my art, set prices and optimized for internet.

Colorful Backrounds for Your computer desktop
Colorful Backrounds for YOUR desktop, fantastic colors that changes YOUR day!

Beginning Photography Tips - Upgrade your skills in 5 minutes
Here are some Beginning Photography Tips to really get a style, a tone that you want to communicate

Website Building and optimization for search engines
Website Building and how do make your site attractive

Henrik Tidelius Background
Henrik Tidelius Background - When I first saw Mikael s Energy Art paintings I saw great life in the colors. I wanted to create the same, colors that would resonate with the divine....

Colorful Energy Art Gallery
"Which One Is YOUR favourite at the Colorful Energy Art Gallery?"

See my latest Paintings in the Art Blog
What a artist do with his life gets into the paintings... Here I tell what s going on right now

Henrik Tidelius - Painting Artist
Henrik Tidelius. H r kan du se mitt galleri och mina tavlor.

Photoshop Texture Tutorial - Free texture to Use
Photoshop Texture Tutorial - Free Texture - Create A rusty and old effect using this image of a mounatin wall