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Why Paint?
-Itīs a way of expressing Your Deepest Self

Why Paint? Hereīs what happened to me...

Got Inspired
When I first saw an Energy Art painting by my friend Mikael Stjernvall, the increbile life motivational speaker, it was the first time I liked painted art. I saw strong hope and optimism. A self-evident proof that it is worth to experience challenges and changes in life because all that will automaticly show in the painting. And then I went to Mikaelīs first artcourse ever! We who attended totally changed our perception of what we could accomplish in this area. The Unexpected
One of the reasons I paint, is that I love to do the unexpected! People donīt know what to believe! And personally I never liked painted art it was so boring! But I was inspired by these colors, and now Iīs even much better for me than to create pictures in Photoshop or take photos!
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The Result
When I look at my paintings I want to ask, what is this? And then feel the answer: This is sometimg different but I am immediately athome! Was Unemployed
When I started painting this year I had the opportunity to be without a job. Why I say itīs an opportunity is because I have alot of time and energy to build something that was only my own. This situation opened the possibility of making ac income as a painter and webmaster. It is a source of joy every time I paint or develop this site. Always is More to Come
Looking at that art and knowing that life is wonderful and a surge to get more, knowing this is just a glimpse was an incredible experience. Knowing that Mikael wasnīt a professional artist before this, only that he had accomplished great things with his attitude and personal development. Like Listening to Music or Reading a Book
The experence to see those first paintings was like reading the book "One" by Richard Bach or listening to "Seven times Seven" by oliver Shanti.

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