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Art Course Online Inspiration
Receive the Wisdom in the Nature

Feel a big mountain underneath your hands and you know its infinite power...

-Receive the Art Course Online Inspiration!  The divine isnīt something I experience only in churches or temples. It also exists in the small things, in everyday life. It can even be when Iīm doing the dishes or vacuum clean the floor. I can be on the mountain, feeling its firmness and deep power.


Itīs when I see my hands and clothes with dryed paint on them reminding me that Iīm an artist, that I create something. 

Nothing else matters;
Painting or cleaning at home puts me in contact with something important, with myself. Nothing can replace the act of taking care of myself, my own things or create something new.

The outher space has always fascinated me and even travel the outher space is a dream of mine. To watch the infinite space and realize Iīm part of it is an humbling experience. The stars are not naive, they promise nothing, but watching them triggers my imagination.
The tree with itīs big bole shares itīs wisdom, not caring weather it stands out in the woods in the middle of a city. When I watch the tree I can see it say things to give me. Good art gives meaning - start yourself

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